“When tribal leaders met to make a decision, they would deliberate by pondering the question from many different perspectives. Different points of view were welcomed and respected. Leaders did not argue for their points of view, and there was no debate. They sought understanding and consensus through mutual inquiry…no real Indian leader would try to speak for everybody before hearing from everybody.” (Ojibway Ceremonies, by Basil Johnston, 1982) 


Tribal Chief and CEO: Oliver O. Russell

Chief of Baseball Operations: Mary R. O’Brien

Chief Operating Officers: Max Schridde and Tara M. Cufaude

Chief Marketing Officers: Daniel Schridde and Louise Schridde

Chief Counsel and Webmaster: Bernadette M. O’Brien


VP of Business Operations: Brittany A. Cufaude

VP of Team Design and Marketing: Miles Schridde

VP of Player Development and Selection: Dylan Pirruccello

VP of International Scouting and Player Development Ryan Kern

VP of Merchandise: Jonelle Harvey

Director of Baseball Development and Scouting : Victoria Hernandez

Director of Quantitative Analysis: Matt Dawson

Chief of Medical Staff: Caitlin Pirruccello-Dawson