Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.

Chief Seattle Duawmish (1780-1866)

  1. Dodger Tribe is a community devoted to the Dodgers.
  2. Dodger Tribe does not disrespect their team, especially when they are down and out; player jerseys are always sacred.
  3. Dodger Tribe respects one another, the earth, animals, and humankind.
  4. Dodger Tribe members have a designated player to follow through the season.
  5. Dodger Tribe members may share a player but no more than two, and whoever is first has to agree to the second member joining.
  6. Trades between members or with a “free agent” are allowed in the off season.
  7. If a member’s designated player is traded from the Dodgers, the member may choose any “free agent” on the team.
  8. We welcome new members in the off season, subject to an unanimous vote by the Chiefs and Leaders.
  9. New members not invited by a Dodger Tribe member must serve a one season initiation period before becoming an official member.
  10. Exiled members can appeal to the Chiefs to rejoin the Dodger Tribe.

Current Roster:

Oliver O. Russell: Clayton Kershaw

Mary R. O’Brien: Chris Taylor

Max Schridde: Cody Bellinger

Tara Cufaude and Miles Schridde: Max Muncy

Louise Schridde: Cory Seager

Daniel Schridde: Justin Turner

Bernadette O’Brien: Kike Hernandez

Brittany Cufaude: Dustin May

Dylan Pirruccello: Joc Pederson

Ryan Kern: Alex Verdugo

Jonelle Harvey: Gavin Lux

Victoria Hernandez: Walker Buehler